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Impacting the Toledo Area Since 1921

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Together We Impact Homelessness in the Toledo Area

We believe in working together to improve the lives of others. We know through support, guidance, and hard work, each family can find their way back to permanent housing and economic stability. And we have the numbers to prove it.

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In 2017, we anticipate providing life-changing services to more than 300 households (over 1000 individuals), 10 households of which will be veteran families. Based on historical data, over 50% of the individuals we serve will be children.

Improvement in income is a critical component of our time-sensitive housing programs and the long-term housing stability of those we serve.

2017 Projected Stats:


Adults will Earn Income through Employment


50% Of Those We Serve Will Be Children


Families will Remain Stable & Housed

We Change Lives, Every Day

The stories below are real ways we’ve helped families in the Toledo Area.

Meet Joseph & His Daughter

Joseph and his daughter entered the Beach House Family Shelter in January 2017, without income, medical insurance, child care, or food assistance. At the shelter, Joseph took full advantage of job leads, interview coaching, family advocacy support, and goal-setting. Within weeks, he gained full-time employment. He also enrolled his daughter in school and child care, with help from LFH.

Today, Joseph and his daughter are in a new home of their own, and Joseph works full-time.

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Meet Creyona

Creyona and her 3 children entered our Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) program for help finding a permanent place to live. Through this program, Creyona developed the communication skills and self-confidence to find a full-time job, increase the child support she receives, and advocate for herself and her children. Today, Creyona and her family have stable, long-term housing.

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Meet Cathy

Cathy, a senior with uncontrollable diabetes, entered our Social Security Income (SSI) program when her residence at her nursing home ended. Through SSI, Cathy discovered and received benefits that she hadn’t known about. Today, Cathy lives in a handicap accessible apartment near her family and receives SSDI benefits. Thanks to SSI, Cathy was also awarded back pay of over $8,000.

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Out of those served in 2016:


Adults Earned Income through Employment


SSI Program Participants were Awarded Disability


Adults Exceeded the Income Limit for Our Programs


Families Remained Stable & Housed

“When I got to Beach House I was nervous, scared and confused. The only picture I had in my head of a homeless shelter were the ones I saw on TV, like on Lifetime Network! However, being here for an hour quickly changed my perspective. I found that the staff was caring, loving, warm, and inviting.”

Bionca, Former Resident